Discussion - Is Wayland ready for the daily driver scene?

Is Wayland ready for the daily driver scene?

Especially when it comes to gaming. I'm under the impression that it's long since ready for the web/email/movie scene.

I bring it up because:

Don't pay attention to that bullshit, they're throwing shit at Xorg when its distro barely boot. The reason of that announcement is because its distro is not able to work correctly with Xorg, which is a problem of them, not Xorg which just works.

If Xorg is working for you, just use it, it's my daily-driving protocol and it works flawlessly, don't pay attention to these FUD posts and enjoy your system!

As a side note, even they in their own post bassically say "wayland is shit and will broke your desktop experience but we want our users to use it".


Nah, nah. It just made me wonder how close Wayland was to being worthy of it. :grinning:

TBH, i am using wayland for seems like more than a year now but I never faced any problem except NVIDIA but yeah i won't say xorg is of no use actually it depends on you :slight_smile:

Use wayland only when you don't have NVIDIA drivers :wink: , (yeah I am a weardo, I use wayland with NVIDIA) , talking about things like using it for daily things like gaming, watching movies .... you can do all these things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did gaming with it too, nothing is problematic but mostly even if I like wayland as my daily driver I would still not recommend to jump into it directly, keep xorg installed as backup ... And happy garuda'ing :stuck_out_tongue:


hell not it's not ready for primetime on ANYTHING. As for xorg it's in the process of being rewritten to work better than it already does. edu4rdshl is right that article is a load of horse :poop: :poop: :poop:.


I've gotten so sick of "trying Wayland" and finding it doesn't work for just using a web browser I'm only going to give it a go once a year, maybe on Christmas, and if it works then it's a present. I mostly use old hardware I salvaged. Last attempt, which was these last two weeks, caused a constant lag spike in my system (cursor tracking and everything else would freeze for half a second). This was the BEST Wayland run I've had thus far. :rofl:

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I wasn't paying attention and booted into a KDE Wayland session after a new Archinstall. I thought I'd screwed the pooch.


Xorg is a bloated mess of insecure legacy garbage that just gets more and more bloated with every patch that it gets over the past twenty years as it struggles to stay relevant. It's time to move on!

Wayland is the future!



Been there, done that, thought the same thing. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Xorg is not futile. It's being rewritten to have more direct access / less over head. Not just patched.


Even XFCE--known for being the "Debian" of desktop environments--is beginning the process of switching to Wayland: releng:wayland_roadmap [Xfce Wiki]

Many of us were supposing XFCE would just quietly fade away into obscurity when the inevitable switch to Wayland happens; it's nice they are actively working on joining the rest of us in the present day.

Brief summary of Wayland's benefits:

  1. Faster
  2. Smoother
  3. More secure
  4. Less bloated
  5. Easier to develop for
  6. Better performance from the same hardware
  7. Better. :wink:


The delusion is strong in you, it is.

Still not ready for prime time. my accidental run of it was within the last month and I could get off of it fast enough.

So, I gather so far that Wayland is not ready for prime time generally, and the lack of support from nVidia is doing us no favors.
Wayland is the future, but so is X since it's getting an overhaul. :desktop_computer:
Lastly but not leastly, we got ourselves a lot of Star Trekkers on the forum. :vulcan_salute:


Yeah but your issue is with KDE, not Wayland. As usual, KDE is offering a feature that still has a lot of bugs to work out. Other DEs either do not have such pronounced Wayland problems, or do not offer a Wayland option at all.

Show me a Linux user who is complaining about issues with Wayland, and I will show you a KDE user. :sunglasses:


The issue is actually Wayland and nVidia NOT Wayland and KDE. I'll be fair and say it's nVidia that is the root of the issues.

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Nvidia ... not an issue for me I don't do frequent gaming or if I do, it is once in a month :stuck_out_tongue: (well i did gaming with it too, NVDIA doesn't made any bad experience, game was running little smoother and with a little less heating up) , mostly thses days I use it for coding or for making any document or watching some lectures and that's it, so exception from NVIDIA user's side too :grin:

Why don't you try other DE's which also support wayland like gnome or just directly go with something like wayfire or sway or hyprland they are actually made for wayland specially, blaming wayland for every cause isn't good idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you mean except for the three thousand bugs in the tracker this morning? :thinking:

I have a KDE install I have been using Wayland on for over a year with no noteworthy issues, but it is a fairly bare-bones installation (bare-bones for KDE, that is :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). It is possible enabling more features causes more of the bugs to be exposed.

Primarily I use Sway, which is Wayland only, so perhaps my opinion is biased. But I use Wayland on other DEs too like KDE and Gnome. I would say it absolutely is ready for prime-time; I use it every day and have been for a long time.

Go ahead and try it, decide for yourself! :smile:


I like using the kde wayland session quite a bit (and I use a NVIDIA gpu). But the showstopper for me is that it cannot wake up from a "suspend to sleep." You get a garbled mess with a lot of missing elements on wake-up. I don't know if that problem exists with the Gnome DE.

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