Different Live ISO Kernels

You may have noticed the sequence of events leading up to this suggestion, so you might already know what I’m about to say here.
If your own hardware can make it so that linux-zen just randomly freezes on you in the middle of an important operation, thus killing your PC and forcing you to start from scratch, why not make it so that people can have different kernels embedded into the Live ISO?
Is it storage space, or the fact not enough people need to have that in the first place for it to really matter if it’s there or not?

There exist since some time

But it’s extra work for me and the upload takes forever. :smiley:

Since everything has been running very well with the Zen kernel for over four years, there is no reason to deliver every DE with 5 different kernels :slight_smile:

You know?


Yes, understandable, nobody wants to waste time on something nobody will use.
But why is it only on the forums? Uploads still take forever?
Either way, imma just install the ISO. Thx for telling us about it’s existence.

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Same user, two accounts? :thinking:

Maybe because he forgot the password of his earlier account ?

Because the way @Kxeo wrote his post is like a reply to SGS as he is @Kxeo
also look at @Kxeo and @Kxeo’s github account account name that they have mentioned in their profile , they are same :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, all DEs are built automatically.
I build the ones with the LTS kernel separately, about every 15-30 days. Then I download them from the build server, because specially built (test) ISOs are deleted there after two days. Then I upload them to the cloud.
And that takes forever with my internet connection.

Not allowed :smiley:
We can delete both :grin:

He has 2 accounts and here’s why:

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Alrighty then, that explains that.

Oh, and btw, if I don’t have access to my main account for some reason (because I accidentally killed my PC again or lost my password) then I use the Kxeo1 account. For the foreseeable future, it’s the account I use on my tablet when I can’t use my computer. I should be able to sign in now on that tablet so now the account may have no use for now.

That is an inadequate and confused response. Pick an account and stay with it. Nobody needs two forum accounts.


I couldn’t sign in to my main account at the time of the secondary’s creation!
I didn’t have the password, thus I created a second account to try to ask exactly how to fix it.
This is because while yes I had it on my computer, not on my tablet. That’s why I made a second account on it.
Once more, now that I’ve gotten the password onto my tablet too, I don’t need the account anymore.

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