Default Colors

The default colors are really hard to read.

De-activated tabs are not readable.

As for the address bar, only the bold text is readable.


I think the default theme could be improved.

Edit: it’s not just unreadable, it’s really painful for the eyes


Check the “As a bonus” in first post. Doesn’t change the colours, but increases font size slightly :smiley:

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Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you.
These colors have been there for years. It could be your monitor, resolution or the Fonts you are using on your particular monitor.

I used those colors on various good to excellent monitors and it’s perfectly readable.

The good news is since Firedragon is based on Firefox, it is highly customizable so you can change a lot of colors to fit your specific needs. :smiley:

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It does under Plasma only when you hover the mouse on the tabs. There are a couple of other details to make a few things rapidly visible, like the close button and New Tab button.

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I don’t remember how it looked before but I definitely didn’t have these issues with the last FireDragon version.

I thought it should be easy to change the colors; but I can’t find it in the settings. Only options for changing page contents, not the browser layout.

Unless I go thinkering with the theme files but I’d rather avoid going there.

OK just had to go in Extensions & Themes and select anything else. Not many themes available though! None look great.

Also; separate issue, but it would be great if F4 would open/close the left toolbar by default, for consistency with Vivaldi’s left bar.

These colors come from the Sweet Dark theme. You can see the pattern here: Garuda Plasma version uses Sweet Dark theme for system color schemes, we did the same for FD to keep consistency with our Dr460nized Plasma Theme.

These are the Sweet Dark theme for Firefox:

You could either patch it or maybe change the colors through UserChrome.css and/or UserContent.css, but those aren’t easy to work with as well.

You can add any other Firefox theme available from the Mozilla store.

At the moment we don’t change any keyboard shortcut and leave everything to defaults. This is also something you can change to your liking.

I also honestly don’t think FD will ever align itself with a browser that has no connection with it or with our Dr460nized Theme.

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Also, even though rounded corners look “nice”, it reduces the available size, and more importantly, we can no longer use the schoolbar by moving the mouse to the side of the window. Especially important with Garuda theme where the scrollbar is very narrow! Sure can use mouse scroll, but page rounded corners in Garuda makes the page scrollbar nearly unusable.

Does not reduce size when I toggle it on or off here.
I have no issue grabbing the scroll bar as well.

Can you post screenshots of all those things?

Here are screenshots with and without rounded corners.

With rounded corners, you see the mouse cursor to the right edge; at the right of the scrollbar. In the other, the mouse is completely to the right and it’s on the scrollbar.

Ah, the issue is that it doesn’t just round the corners but add some padding as well.

and why is there by default in the left panel? then displays everything in Japanese? Doesn’t seem very useful to the average user

The button in the left pane, “keep using the current width on this panel”, I really can’t tell what it does.

This is a small details, but; in the Notes, the Delete button, it’s Center-aligned, but with an icon added to the left which isn’t center-aligned at all… it’s just Weird-aligned.

To solve the colors problem, this is a pretty good theme!

The left bar really takes advantage of the animated stars.

10x more readable than Sweet-Dark

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Ok nice screenshots. I cannot reproduce that issue, my scrollbar shows up perfectly fine, I don’t even need to move the mouse to the right, just moving the mouse on the browser screen and it starts showing the bar, if I hover over the bar it gets wider (the bar).

Got in about:config and set this to false.
It’s an instant change you will see something happening on the bar.


If it works to your liking, you can include it in your firedragon.overrides.cfg.

That is Floorp. If you find a way to get rid of this, let me know. I’ve been trying for months.

Plz ask Floorp.

Plz report to Floorp.

It’s a nice theme indeed, I find it more difficult to read the tabs due to the background stars and it does not fit well with Dr460nized Theme so we cannot use it as default in FD.
But of course you can customize your FD, we encourage that actually.


To be clear, the scrollbar is fine. The problem is the positioning of it because of the extra window padding.

:joy: :joy:

Right-click. Delete. Done.


LOL Nope. That requires user intervention and cannot be automated that way on installation, this is why it was there and you saw it.


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