Débutant en Arch / (Arch-)Anfängerfragen

Salut / Hallo
Y-a-t-il qq part un récapitulatif succint sur les particularités de Arch ?
Ist eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Besonderheiten von Arch irgendwo bekannt?

I am sure you find the answer in arch wiki.
"Arch wiki pacman Rosetta"


Thank you very much, found at pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki and is very good!

What is with chmod , chown and chroot ?

What is to (eventually) take in consideration to compile or more develop some bash or other little app's? Are all tools already included in the environment pre installed or is a special tool chain to install over that?

Is the use (in German "Zugriff", my English is poor and bad!) of arch depositories possible?

Just take any standard Garuda Linux ISO version you like. Boot it and try it yourself without installing the OS.
Install what you like, dependencies are installed automatically.
Then you can see if it meets your needs. In the live ISO you won't have the same performance as on a Nvme or SSD.

Besides the repositories, Garuda Linux uses the chaotic-aur.


All included, for free :smiley: (until end of May :smiley: ) :rofl:

Just crawl the forum and check the garuda apps with a lot of functional extras.


Da du es schon installiert hast, mache ich hier zu.