Debtab and Local by flywheel or devkinsta

Hello, as you realize from the title I am WordPress dev who likes to use Linux than Windows
I know I can install PHP, nginx, mysql and develop WordPress, but I prefer to use solutions like Local by flywheel.
My main problem is all these solution are build for debian .deb packages and not aur.
I tried to convert with debtab my not working and get error messages like

Is there any guide how to convert or install deb packages in Garuda? (arch)

ps Local by flywheel is in AUR repo but is obsolete and devkinsta is not at all

I am sure you can post error message as text :slight_smile: not as picture.



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As a Wordpress dev you would know that a virtual machine or container would be a better approach rather than installing software directly on the operating system, and that a third-party package can be supported by its developers.

Therefore, pick one or more:

  1. Use a virtual machine with a supported operating system
  2. Use a container with an appropriate image
  3. Contact the Flywheel or Devkinsta developers and ask for Arch Linux support