Customise window blur and wriggly animation settings? Restore original fish CLI? More questions

  1. How do I change the window blur? Sometimes it gets hard to read text when windows overlap?

  2. How to customise the wriggly animations? I would like windows to be less wriggly for my own personal taste.

  3. While exporting a path to PATH, I encountered an error that could only be fixed by removing the fish config file. So although the error has gone, the terminal has been reset to the original terminal we see. The logo and my system specs that are displayed by default have gone. Is there a way I could put that back in?

  4. Ubuntu had brightness and gamma control missing. Glad to have it here but I would like it to change for just one display (I use two). How do I change brightness settings for just one monitor? Currently moving the sliders does the job for both monitors and the drop down menu for monitor selection on right corner is faded.

  5. Also would like the double click utility :grinning: I'm used to double clicking on folders rather single click by default on Garuda.

And oh, this OS is insane :wink:


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text! Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.