Cpu Temps and different distros

Hi, I am amazed by garuda linux and installed it on a laptop I have however I want to ask some questions before finalizing my choice.

I have the Dragonized Distro installed on my laptop (core i7-8565u, integrated graphics), and noticed my cpu temps run high (one chromium tab open and I'm sitting at 46 degrees celsius). Or is there another distro that has a similar nice look like dragonized that I can switch to that isn't intensive.

If Dragonized Garuda requires more resources, does this mean installing this distro on my main gaming pc (ryzen 6 2600x, rtx 2060) will affect the performance I have while gaming?

Well, 46° is definitely not a high temperature. Anyway have you already followed this guide?


46° celsius is a normal temp in use
by the way you said nothing how high is your core usage ^^

on mobile devices i have to change garuda dragonized to cpucontrol to have better performance in battery mode and set there the frequencies governor to ondemand it fits for me best

and design is also a temp riser more style means always more cpu power

I think it's hot because my keyboard feels very hot and the fan is always on

FWIW, This is on Fedora 34. 46* isn't so bad, no matter how your keyboard feels. This is an older computer though, I probably need to redo the thermal paste.

is there a distro that looks similar to dragonized that isnt as intensive, the fans are quite noisy and it's impossible to concentrate.

Post up your inxi. I know for instance, for my thinkpad, there's other stuff in the AUR for fan speeds and performance.

You may also have better luck on the LTS kernel since the zen kernel is very much a performance kernel.

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How would I go about switching to LTS kernel, do you have the commands? My inxi is below.

My inxi: CPU: Quad Core Intel Core i7-8565U (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 3846/400/4600 MHz
Kernel: 5.12.6-zen1-1-zen x86_64 Up: 15h 08m Mem: 3018.2/15725.6 MiB (19.2%)
Storage: 476.94 GiB (6.9% used) Procs: 340 Shell: fish inxi: 3.3.04

pacman -Syu linux-lts linux-lts-headers

Or the mkinitcpio whatever we use to update grub (I always use the update-grub script from AUR, so I never remember anymore.

Then reboot and select lts in grub. Grub should default to using the lts anyway but I don't know if there's any Garuda wizardry to change that.

And then $$$$

I know in the initial setup the walkthrough asked if I wanted to install other kernels, so there's probably a GUI available for you also.


kernel - refresh

@fbodymechanic Terminal is easier and faster. :slight_smile:


There we go. I knew it was even easier than I explained. Thanks @sgs