Copy panels to all screens?

Many thanks, it works. :pray:

I have one more question. I normally had my panels on all screens. How can I copy them to all screens? I can no longer find the option. :sweat_smile:

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Let’s keep one issue per topic, for future readers/searchers.
I know there are some troubles with panels on multi monitors (I don’t use multiple monitors) due to the KDE6 release.
You’ll find something here

At first glance, I’d say to first try an x11 session instead of Wayland at login


Can confirm, X11 doesn’t shove all panels onto one monitor on rebooting. I had to switch to X11 for now until Wayland gets a tad bit more polishing (which sucks because I love Wayland so far), so I think if OP switches to X11 for now he’ll have this resolved.

Ah, the question of the century… I’ve recently been digging into the plasmashellrc and ...appletsrc files to try and understand this. Basically panels are assigned to a screen using the identifier screenId=X (with X being 0, 1 or 2) within their containment. I have tried every combination possible to assign a panel to multiple screens, but without success. This is currently not possible with how the code is written. There would need to be some upstream work in order for this to be feasible. If you happen to know C++ or H then this might be right up your alley! Lol I sadly, do not know either of these otherwise I’d jump in immediately as this is something I’ve wanted for a long time.
For now, you will need to manually create the panels on each monitor that you want them on.

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There is and never was an option in Plasma to copy the panel to multiple or all screens. If I recall correctly, it’s one of the most requested features they never bothered to implement, unfortunately because I’d love that feature too.
Latte Dock had the option, so maybe that is what you were thinking of.
There is a way to “back up” your config and apply it, so perhaps it could work as a solution or “workaround” for this issue.

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