Community editions planning

It looks really nice! Decent and consistent, I really don't like themes on official Garuda, next reason why i love barebone edition.

What looks very nice?

@zoeruda No it will be Firedragon, I like the privicy.


Community edition looks very nice

@Soong Which edition?
(Poll) Should kde-multimedia be less bloated before first relese.

  • Yes
  • No

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Btw, @RUanauR I give you one more little freedom.
You can change KDE multimedia ' s name to anything you like.
Actually, initially it was thought that it should contain some multimedia stuff, so it was named so.

But as you are changing the packages, old name may no longer suit it.

Just think of a nice name.


Just want to say that I appreciate all of your input and completely understand now - this would be a redundant release. However, I love that garuda-tools allows us to create our own iso :dragon:


Any name Ideas?

KDE RUanauRized
KDE Starter
KDE F4lc0nized

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I wonder what @jonathon thinks of that

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Oh becaue it is less sharply themed.

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Yeah, I think it's a nice complement to dragonized...

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OK then I guess it is KDE F4lc0nized then.
EDIT: MR created to remame it.


Mate master branch is publish-ready as far as I'm concerned. Do with that info as you will.

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May I ask this KDE Plasma edition is NOT multimedia is just a differently themed KDE Plasma.

It's all in the announcement @RUanauR has to write, I think.
If there is no significantly added value, there is no need for this version.

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Welp it looks like ill be busy but what do I write?

Here are some examples

and this one is especially valuable.


It does still include alot of multimedia stuff.


To me there would be one thing that would make this edition worth the duplication. @jonathon touched on it, and that would IMO be the use of the real time kernel for multimedia purposes by default.

Having a different kernel as default is an excellent aid when troubleshooting. This helps to narrow down if the kernel is a factor with a hardware incompatibility issue.

It would be so much easier if another different default kernel was available for download. This alone would make it worthwhile IMO. Copying the LXQT edition's networking model using Connman and CMST would be another reason that the different KDE version would be justifiable.

These changes would be very useful for troubleshooting and justify the duplication IMO. These types of changes would make the edition very useful for troubleshooting purposes on the forum.