Xfce Blackarch Spin - Gauging interest

Hi All,

I think the Dr460nized Blackarch spin has a really good potential, since I know many pentesters hesitate to use Blackarch because it's "harder." So I think Garuda can really push it to that audience of Debian users who are a bit gun-shy.
However, Garuda dr460nized is a robust desktop, to say the least. Pentesting distributions are traditionally shipped with Xfce as it's simple and modular, and works well out of the box on most configurations.

I've successfully compiled an Xfce-blackarch image and would like to offer to add it to the community editions and maintain it, if that is something the community is interested in.
I did add FireDragon browser back to this build, along with Firejail, as a "secure browsing" suite :wink:

Let me know if this is something you would use/know someone who would.


BlackArch already provides an Xfce edition. Why does there need to be another one?


That is pretty nice not sure @Yorper would like it tho.
Oh! and please add tor-browser.

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I guess for BTRFS pentesting?

All the currently offered Blackarch .isos and .ovas except the slim installations are from 2020.12. That would take quite long to update and I wanted the latest and greatest on a usb stick.

No, but it is nice to have automatic snapshots on such a system.

@Yorper if this is stepping on your toes, by all means speak up and I will keep this my personal rig only. I just felt this is something someone was likely to ask for in the near future.


I was thinking about showing my "hardened" Firedragon with a stupidly long list of extensions. I think that it might fit the Blackarch editions better than Tor Browser.
-Ublock Origin
-Privacy Possum
-Privacy Badger
-DuckDuckGo privacy essentials
-Universal Bypass
-Multi-Account Containers
-Container Proxy (for i2p eepsites)
-IPFS companion
-Onion browser button
-Smart HTTPS
-WebAPI blocker
-WebRTC leak protection
-aaaaand Temporary Containers.
Of course, you need IPFS companion, tor and i2p installed. Other extensions are not related to the topic that much.

Might want to pin those to overflow menu :wink:
also that filename :rofl:

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That is quite a candy shelf!


Do whatever you like mate :slightly_smiling_face: My views are the same as @jonathon . TBH I don’t even know why we have a black arch edition to begin with in Garuda.

There’s too much reinventing the wheel going on in the Linux world wasting so many resources and time and not enough collaboration of efforts toward the same goal.


Even though I appreciate your work I also think that this is quite redundant as BlackArch already has a recently released XFCE as pointed out already. :thinking:

Are you actually serious about this? There are lots of extensions with similar purposes like Privacy Badger (uBlock is enough), Smart HTTPS (Firefox has HTTPS only since version 83), WebRTC leak protection (also a setting in uBlock). Even though I dont know Privacy Possum it sounds like yet another attempt to reinvent the wheel, idk :thinking:


If you want to have this version, you are free to build it on your PC.
Garuda will not release it, not even as a community version.

Therefore, I will close here now.


Privacy Badger is able to learn new trackers from your experience, if you enable learning in settings. Smart HTTPS lets you choose which sites you might want to open in HTTP and which in HTTPS, which is essential for i2p websites as all of them are using HTTP. WebRTC leak protection is actually redundant, my bad. Privacy Possum is blocking more than Privacy Badger by default, e.g. some cookies, referers etc., but doesn't learn.

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