Cinnamon installer issues, "GUI dim and flickering"

I'm trying to install the Cinnamon version on an Alienware 15 R1. The live installer boots up but the GUI was very dim and flickering, I see the mouse just fine but could not do anything else. Can drop back to terminal using ctrl alt F2, that works just fine.
Anyway to start the installer from the CLI?

sudo calamares -d


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!


It may also help to trying non-free vs free drivers.

Of course, follow SGS's suggestion if neither option works. It will help give an idea of what the problem is. Once you get into Garuda Linux you will be able to install official nvidia-dkms drivers(it looks like your laptop would have an Nvidia graphics card if I am not mistaken)

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Thanks for the suggestions, was able to start the gui by dropping to tty then starting xserver by running startx, gui worked from there, can help debug the live installer if needed. Let me know.

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