Chaotic-AUR is looking for mirrors. Especially in India

Post forwarded from Pedro's post in Telegram: Contact @chaotic_aur. (But you can reply it here too)

(>>) USA > EU > India

This is our "top-3 traffic regions". We have 2 mirrors in the US (one is 404 right now, but will soon be back) and 2 mirrors in Germany.
But right now we don't have India-hosted mirrors.

What one needs to be a chaotic-mirror?: 120Gb free disk-space, a really good upload-rate, at least 30T/m bandwidth, a Syncthing ( compatible machine, and exposed ports 80 and 443.

We accept mirrors from everywhere, while we especially need one in India!
If you're interested, please reply this message!


No idea what my internet provider would think of this - I'm on unlimited, and this is an OOKLA. Of course, Canada is not your first problem!

Even when VPN is on, upload remains 800+ - will Syncthing function through a VPN?


Wow, these are some nice speeds for personal internet access, definitly more than enough to host a mirror. :scream:
Im quite sure it does. Would you be willing to host?




Hi, Syncthing will, but you still need to have an IPv4 address where users can fetch you through ports 80 and 443.


Sorry, I'm still on dial-up & one planet away from Bangladesh. However, I have contributed to Fosshost on behalf of myself & Garuda.



Does your pc have to stay on or can it be in sleep. Iam in US though.

Sadly Syncthing and Web Servers require a waken-state processor.

Well I have a laptop that I could leave on...

Any estimate on needed 'power' requirements? Core 2 Duo? Ryzen 7 3700x? Somewhere in between? :grin: I have several older machines around that can be upgraded to usefulness for this type of purpose - but I couldn't guarantee full uptime for one of the newest (they need constant upgrades!) Might be nice to get fast access to chaotic-aur!


It would be nice, more than nice, to have access to fast India mirrors. I'm speaking from experience. I'm using German mirrors. Getting good speed, but as they say, being human is to be greedy. :grinning:

Unfortunately, I cannot be of much help. I have severe power failure issues. Hoping to see chaotic-india mirrors in the future. Fingers crossed.


Well for a mirror there is no requirement for it to be powerful
It only needs fast internet and as much as possible uptime


My thought is a 1 Tb SSD, on a barebones build with f2fs for longevity - and a cheap processor! Next steps, if wanted? I know it isn't where most needed, but if quick would still be useful I think...

brave-bin is faster updated from the AUR than chaotic-aur! atm where I am

There is actually one I setup yesterday for that purpose. Update your chaotic-mirrorlist & check it out. Its lifetime is 3 month only (GCC trial ends then :joy:) but it should buy some time to find a permanent solution.

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Well, 1TB is more than enough :smiley: And any processor should be sufficient.
Next steps? Need syncthing installed & a server such as nginx running. Then you add the Chaotic-AUR main device using its device id, add the Chaotic folder and thats its basically.
More details instructions can be given when its time :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Can that setup host more than one repo? Like a specialized (read amateur) little one? :grin: nginx looks like a fair bit to configure if not setting up an Apache equivalent - but early looks so far...

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I was contemplating using an S3 bucket for this, and then spreading them out where we need them.

However syncthing won't support that, so I'm looking at alternatives to support it. I don't want to use s3fuse type adapter, since I've had some bad luck with those.

I may just throw up an ec2 with nginx and syncthing to test how well it works in aws.

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Hi, i have a pi server with ample storage and a network speed of 100MBPS UP and DOWN.
I would be willing to host it, but i havent done anything like this im willing to learn and give it a try.
I will be available on telegram as virusz4274


You basically need:

  1. Currently about 60GB storage space
  2. Syncthing to sync the repo timely
  3. A running webserver like Nginx to serve the files

I would suggest looking into Docker/docker-compose for setting up both Syncthing & webserver, its extremely useful for any kind of stuff to do on servers if you want to get into this kind of things :wink:


Im not that much pro in these,but i have managed to work with docker. I will definitely work into this, will you be able to assist me in setting up the mirror ?. Im kinda a beginner, but have deployed some servers in ubuntu and all in aws for webhosting all.