Change DE without reinstalling distro

I am running garuda with gnome atm, and would like to try out wayfire or perhaps Dr460nized.
However I do not wish to reinstall a whole distro. I am aware that you can change desktop environment without the need of doing this, but am unsure how and how I would go about installing just the wayfire or Dr460nized environments specifically.
Might anyone offer some easy advice, or am I better off reinstalling the whole distro?
Sorry if this is a dumb question.


It is possible, but if you must ask how to do, it is better to reinstall.
Backup up your important data.


The other way to try these is to boot the live installer environment - then you get a live demo without making any changes to your installed OS.


Provided that I fully agree with the advices above (try from ISO and if you like It reinstall), this is an idea of you should be doing otherwise.
But you'd create a custom i.e. not officially supported installation...


I am of the same mind as @SGS, if you need to ask how to do this you shouldn't.

As @jonathon has already stated the live boot disk is a viable option for testing out different ISO's.

There are several other options as well if you wish to retain your current setup. You can run an alternate Garuda version. in a Virtual Machine. The other option is to backup your system via imaging and then wipe your current partition. Test out a new desktop by installing to your old partition layout, and then if you don't like it simply wipe the partition again and test another desktop.

If you don't like any of the new versions you've tested then simply restore your original backed up image.


if you have to ask

Kind of disagree, to learn how to do anything you need to be taught first. Was I supposed to be born with the knowledge?

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Thanks, I have actually tried both out in a live environment. Really I meant I would like to try having it as my DE for a long time.

This helps thank-you.

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Will just leave this open for awhile though incase anyone else has any other helpful links.

If it is not possible for you to find this out yourself through Internet research, you will also not be able to fix the errors that occur later yourself.
Because no one here in the forum will and can fix this for you.

Therefore, anything is better than trying it this way.


I will add my stank to this. I never recommend "switching" desktops without a complete reinstall. There are too many config files and such that remain and end up causing issues down the road. Save yourself some blood and tears.


It's your system, you may do as you please. However, if you go down this road and experience ANY issues please refrain from asking for further help on this forum.

You are setting yourself up for all manner of problems and forum assistants will not be able to help you correct them if you've installed multiple desktops.

If you simply want to do this as a learning experiment that's fine. Just don't expect help on our forum if you've made such drastic changes to a default Garuda install.

Feel free to play around, but don't expect others to assist you if your tinkerings cause you big problems. If you choose to ignore others advice that's fine, but always remember "you break it, you bought it".


Understood, I want to anyway though. Yes I will do research before doing so, thanks for your concern. The virtue of making a thread here is for advice about obtaining info specific to garuda made DEs, thanks though.
Please leave the thread open, and I will close it in a couple of days if nobody can offer any other reference links or input.

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On EOS I installed KDE and GNOME. Both DEs needed their own configurations, but there was no issues at all. Your experience may be different.

We are not here to teach you. We are not teachers. Take the intiative.

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Not asking for that, sorry if I gave the wrong impression.
Just looking for links and advice relating to doing this with a garuda made DE.
I don't think that is unreasonable really.

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Good to know!

If you searched the forum, you'd find out there have been multiple previous inquiries very similar to this one, and they've all been answered the same: the Garuda devs do not offer support for this process.
They have made it pretty clear that Garuda is a "just works" distro, that you should install from the live iso, one time, and have it just work. If it doesn't, the staff and other forum helpers will try our best to help. But we do not offer a DE petting zoo, or give tinkering advice beyond what's reasonable on a just works distro. For all that stuff, Arch is really such a great tool. Everything that gets installed is things you install, so there's much less of a chance for conflicts.


aight thank-you

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