Can't get rid of two maximize, minimize and close buttons

Hi there,

I have been using garuda Linux as my main OS for some time now but there is an issue that bugs me often. While using google chrome, when I maximize it there are two buttons for maximizing, minimizing and closing on the title bar as well as the upper dock. I can't find a solution so kindly help..

Hi there, welcome.
Please check if this is the setting you're looking for.


Go to Chrome Settings/Appearance section, toggle Use system title bar and borders and see if that's what you wanted.


Thats the problem with applications not following the system theme or using another framework sadly. But luckily some of them still provide a way to get around this like Firefox or Chromium. With others, like GTK applications you are out of luck though (excluding hacky workarounds):slightly_frowning_face:


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