Can't enter garuda hyprland os

I can’t get inside the OS, i’m using vmbox

  • i’ve been trying to enter the os and trying to install it in vmbox but i received a login under the user “garuda” i wrote ‘garuda’,‘GARUDA’,‘root’, didn’t work, so i added another user ‘newuser’ still when enter it it refreshes and gets to the same point (the login page) as if i didn’t even login at all
    i tried changing the password for the garuda user still no logging me in,i couldn’t even install it, should i download another gradua-hyprland os ??!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Garuda Linux Hyprland is only for experienced users. In addition, installation in a VM is not supported.

There are several threats here on the topic of login loop, try using the search function, for example:



okay,thank you so much :heart:

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