Trouble Installing Hyprland ISO: Endless Login Loop - Any Password-Free Solutions? (Amd Ryzen and RTX 4070 TI)

Whenever I try to use the Hyprland ISO to install on my computer, the login screen appears, I enter the Garuda password, and then the screen blinks and continues in this infinite loop of asking for the login. I’ve tried two ISOs I found, I have a desktop with an AMD Ryzen processor and an RTX 4070 TI graphics card. Is there any solution to this? Is there an ISO that doesn’t require a password during installation?

If you search in forum, you will find that Hyprland and wayland not really supported by Nvidia.


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I’m going to download and try to install it right away

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The mouse cursor is disappearing after I log in, apart from that everything seems to be working fine, is there any way to fix the mouse cursor disappearing?

Are you sure the mouse cursor is disappearing or it just goes to whichever window you focus on through keybindings like mod+up/donw/left/right arrrow key ? :eyes:

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The mouse cursor only appears for 3 seconds after I log in, then it disappears when I move it, and after that, it never appears anymore. This also happened during the installation process. I needed to use the tab and space keys to install.

The reason why live session is provided is for this thing !!!
before you install the software you should know whether it is properly working or not and live media gives enough idea about it .

Well, Hyprland is still in itself is a beta software haven’t reached even to 0.5 properly (currently somewhere at 0.38 :skull_and_crossbones: )

That’s why we put a banner of Advance users only
Anyways , for getting proper support you need to give us the output of garuda-inxi with proper formatting, in new thread I think

other than that you can ask it to the upstream directly as it seems more like an upstream issue :thinking: ??

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Now it’s working. I went to /usr/share/wayland-sessions/garuda-hyprland.desktop and added Exec=env WLR_NO_HARDWARE_CURSORS=1 Hyprland. With this, the mouse started working again. Previously, it would disappear when reaching the edge of the monitor and going upwards, but now it stops there and works.

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From my link above the Hyprland Wiki wrote


without Hyprland

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