Can't boot Garuda nor previous snapshots, /@/boot/vmlinuz-linux-zen' not found

Hey guys,

Sorry for not providing garuda-inxi output, I can't boot the device. Yesterday I ran an update and I thought it was finished because the device restarted. I was just going to bed and forgot to shut the laptop down so I shut it down through the power button because I was lazy (I know, I won't do it again).

Anyway now I get the following when trying to boot Garuda:

Loading Linux linux-zen ...
error: file `/@/boot/vmlinuz-linux-zen' not found
Loading initial ramdisk ...
error: you need to load the kernel first.

When I try to load a previous snapshot I either get a black screen (which I assume is due to updated graphics drivers), or the following:

error: out of memory

I've browsed at different solutions and they all either got it to work through a snapshot or by using a live USB stick. Unfortunately, I don't have one on me right now so was wondering if there was a way to do it through grub? If not, could someone just explain why I can't open a snapshot? The laptop is dual booted with Windows if that helps.

The links to the solutions I've looked at:

Thank you!

There is no autostart after updates (its not M$ :wink: )

If snapshots fail, you have no other chance to use a USB live ISO, chroot and update or new installation.
Make backup from needed data before.

Maybe more is broken from the hard shutdown? :frowning:

But maybe others have better solutions.


quite often, and independently of the distro, the "grub rescue shell" part has helped me get out of a lot of problems of this type. Maybe it'll help you too.


Thanks guys,

Ended up just chroot-ing from live-USB. I didn't get dropped into the grub rescue shell just the regular one but that's a great thing to lookout for in the future!

Lesson of the day: never shutdown while doing a system update!!


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