Canon LBP 2900 printer cannot print

First of all, yes, I am new to configuring printers on linux, but I made some progress. I installed CUPS and CAPT that are required for these Canon printers, the printer is recognized and registered, but when print job from OnlyOffice or LibreOffice is requsted it will formally be executed, but the printer itself does not print anything.
What I already tried:

  1. Reinstalling all packages that CUPS and CAPT depend on
  2. Re-registering the printer in CUPS and CAPT
  3. Cheching printer status with CUPS "captstatusui -P LBP2900". It had a weird issue with gtk:

Gtk-Message: 14:12:18.440: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module"
*** captstatusui Socket Error ***
And at first it even refused to work. I reinstalled all related gtk packages, and xapp. For some time it still refused, then the issue fixed itself, even though the error message

Gtk-Message: 15:53:18.559: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module"
still appeared, and now I am presented with the
Gtk-Message: 14:12:18.440: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module"
*** captstatusui Socket Error ***

Quote from CAPT AUR page seems depressing, and may be the main reason why I experience so much frustration with this printer.

Do not expect this driver to work in the near future if Canon doesn't release a new version soon.

P.S.: output of "inxi -Fxxxza"

You probably need to edit /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ like this:

Replace the five mentions of "GTK_MODULES" with "GTK3_MODULES".


It was already replaced, btw. I still have no idea how to get my printer working, but I have found that marked it as "paperweight" which means that it's not supported.

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