Cannot install: Beelink SER6 Pro (Ryzen 7735HS)

It seems to me that the newest kernels do not go well with the AMD Ryzen 7735HS. At least the current installer images don't even boot from USB stick. I tried other distros and have similar results: Current kernel : no boot, older kernel/linux-lts: boots fine.

Is there a Garuda install ISO with linux-lts on (somewhere for download) it so that I can choose to boot with that kernel?

I am running Garuda on my other machine and have been for some time. It would be sad if the all-new mini-PC could not run it as well.

Use Xfce. garuda-xfce-linux-lts-230618.iso


So, that boots like a charm :slight_smile: If I actually install that one, how do I switch later to KDE Dr460nized?

May I make a general suggestion? It would be really nice if you always offered an ISO version with the linux-lts kernel. It is a bummer that the kernel AMD Ryzen support is lagging and even regressing - or so it seems. I suppose I should have bought an Intel PC.

I’d consider this as a harder task as a lot of applications would need to be replaced… guess I’ll just build a dr460nized ISO with LTS for you now.

Offering all ISO variants with LTS kernel would effectively double the build time while only a very small amount of people would actually benefit from it, so I’m not sure whether its worth it.

Edit: here it is


I know your dr460nized spin is supposed to be speedy, but I think whatever kernel you use on the ISO, it should be the least problematic. Other, say, more "performant" kernels, can always be added during or post-install. Could you do so in Calamares, for instance?


While that is true, linux-zen has always been a quite good variant in that regard. I don’t think shipping LTS on every spin is needed when just a few systems seem to have issues using the regular kernel. Then we would likely have issues with the newest systems which aren’t supported by that one, yet.
That was also the reason why we ended up not shipping linux-tkg in the past :stuck_out_tongue:


How about the “old switcheroo?” Boot the LTS on the ISO, but install the Zen? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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