Can you share how you implemented your Snapper GUI?

Hey guys,

Glad to see others hopping on the Snapper on Arch bandwagon.. I have one request though, we created our own Snapper tool for our own distro, but since we n00bs, it's very basic, and in the name of F.O.S.S can you share how you implemented yours ?

Will you have standalone version on github or repo ?



It is in garuda-assistant.

At this point, a substantial amount of the code in Garuda-Assistant is either btrfs or snapper-based.


Only natural. Thanks will look at code see if we can work with it. And again welcome to the Snapper on Arch team lol...

I don't get why no one else does it. So far only Garuda and XeroLinux we are only two... Hmm...

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heh , didn't knew XeroLinux :slight_smile:

I am not going to try it, because I don't want to get banned from Garuda for cheating with another distro, but reading the last two release blogs, its clear that you have putted a lot of effort into it.

Anyway... Hope you all the best, from this almost buried corpse mummy that is also very near the 40's. Man... time flies ! Also take care of your mental health... I also know what it is almost going to 2 years of unemployment, and its not good.

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It's ok. And thanks for kind words. I didn't mean to advertise. Was just saying that am surprised that a feature as important as Snapper isn't more widely used by Arch Distros...


And then have another well-known Arch derivative copy it use a similar approach and promote it as their own innovative creation? :joy:


And then have another well-known Arch derivative copy it use a similar approach and promote it as their own innovative creation? :joy:

WOW! I mean really? You wanna be like that? Ok so be it. Am not gonna comment beyond that and start a downhill discussion.

And you pretend to follow F.O.S.S … Wish you all the best with that kind of attitude…

I guess he wanted to be a bit funny. So, he inserted that emoji.

And welcome to the community btw.


I guess you don’t have any idea what I’m referring to. I also specifically put it in there as an “off topic” remark.

That’s probably a good idea.



If you’re going to take random comment personally then that’s on you, although if you are taking this to mean I’m talking about your distro then you’ll also note that I said “well-known”, so apparently it’s doing quite well?

On the other hand, you also seem to have a sense of entitlement to other people’s work,

Either that or it’s a language issue, which means you might not want to overreact to something I wrote?

Then again, I’m not sure if you’re claiming this as your own distro’s idea:

(A bandwagon of one is not a bandwagon; idioms can be awkward.)

“In the name of F.O.S.S.”, where can interested people find the source code for this?

But then I guess maybe that


… so no sources available… ?