Calamares theme

Hi guys...

I am currently building my own Distro for myself not to be shared. I was wondering how I can make my calamares look like yours if I may ask. I love blur and transparency.


My answer is, we do not share, too. :smiley:


Figured as much. Thanks anyway. Will boot into Garuda n figure it out if I can find stylsheet.qss

Open source just look in


I have tried those ended up with white n green Calamares. Mine is in /etc/calamares/ do I have to do anything specific to get it to work?

Thanks Btw....

I don't like green, and transparency in application too.
So best is you ask the calamares developer.

Hmmm.... Will keep trying thanks...

Building Arch Linux Calamares Installer ISO on Garuda Linux

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Did you try using kvantum manager?

Kvantum? What does that have to do with Calamares? Am confused?