Can' t boot into Garuda anymore after instaling Win10

I installed windows 10 on my legacy BIOS computer and i can't get into garuda anymore, it boots straight into Win10. I tried EasyBCD, bootrepair disk but nothing works. Help needed fast:

Take a live USB, chroot and reinstall the GRUB.

Or use the live USB tools.


To be honest, I didn't notice this part of the request.
Please keep in mind that this sounds rude and no one is paid here.
By-the-way, I answered fast, but now I expect a fast action.


We do everything here for the fun of it.
Free of charge, what we don't do is give free support for software that users have paid for.
Soon, follow the template and search for the solution yourself first.

This topic actually belongs in the 400 area, but since it is solved, I will close it here.