Can’t activate wifi with password

Greetings all.

New Linux user with a problem. After installing, the system found my wifi network and requested the password. I typed it in and within 10 seconds it re-requested the password and this continued to be the routine. I’d put the Garuda-inxi file here but I’m having to use my iPad to send this request as it’s the only device that still has wifi access, sorry.

I’ve gone through the Wiki Garuda section and tried nearly every search word I can think of with nil result, well except for lots of Mac laptop references. Obviously I’ve managed to do something wrong somewhere, but I don’t know what. Anyone have some idea what I should do next.

Will be grateful for any help.

What desktop environment did you install?

Double-check the password (is num lock on, are the special characters printing the value you expect, etc).

Knowing that would’ve helped, sorry. I installed KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition. I checked the password carefully, it has no special characters and consists of numbers and lowercase letters only. Numlock was always off when I type in passwords. Thanks for reply.

The connection was working when you were installing it (booted to the USB drive)?

The first thing I would try is starting from a cold boot (as opposed to a reboot, completely shut the device off and then power back on after a few seconds).

If that doesn't work, try powering off the computer and then rebooting your router (I am assuming your router is also your DHCP server). When the router is back up, boot the computer back up and try again.

If you dual-boot with Windows, you'll have to boot to Windows and disable the "Fast Startup" mode. It is enabled by default, and it is not obvious how to turn it off: What Is “Fast Startup” Mode and How to Enable or Disable It?


You might try opening Kate (text editor), putting your password in there so you can see it and verify it is using the correct characters, then copying that password, and pasting it in the password field when selecting your WiFi. I've had to do this a couple times. Of course you can discard the document when exiting Kate after the WiFi has connected.

Is this your home/personal wifi network or an organisation? If you're trying to connect to uni or work wifi sort of stuff, you might need to get a CA certificate in order to be able to connect (Eduroam is a special pain in the bum).
If you're connecting to an organisation and need a CA certificate, make sure to look at what they provide for Android phones as well, as what they provide specifically for Linux users might not work.

Also, is this a consistent issue with every network you try to connect to? I recently had a similar problem where my system would refuse to connect to anything until a reboot, oddly enough. Does any error pop up that mentions something like "failed to get secrets"?

Ok, complete shutdown of PC. Power up done, no problem accepting my sign in password. A few seconds later asks for the wifi password, I type it in and for a few seconds it says it’s connecting, but less than 10 seconds later asks for password again.

My Router is my Modem.

When I installed Garuda Linux I deleted my Windows partition. Meaning I can’t go back. I really don’t want to go back. My best computer experience was on my Amiga 2000. Fun with a Unix style operating system.

Have completed 2 power downs so far and the same thing is happening. Thanks for reply.

Hi. The PC is my personal device. The Router/Modem was supplied by our Telephone company. The Wifi password works for the printer, tv, my wife’s iPad and her PC. Before I installed Garuda the Wifi was working on my PC as that’s how I downloaded Garuda Linux.
It’s not that the system can’t find the Wifi, it actually calls it by name although there are at least a dozen Wifi access points within range, but they don’t belong to me. Nice trick with the next editor.

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There might be something wrong going on with kdewallet. Anyway, give this one a try:


Ok, I’m afraid I cheated. Wasn’t getting anywhere with the wifi so I bypassed it with an Ethernet cable. Had one opening left on the router. For now I’m online, I’ll have to see if I can access the printer which is on the wifi network. I’m very grateful for all help you guys gave me. I can almost guarantee I’ll be back with more questions, hopefully no stupid ones. :grin:

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