Can someone please help me in uninstalling " whatsapp for linux "?

i've installed whatsapp from here " Install WhatsApp for Linux on Arch Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft " neither i was able to open it. and now i can't even uninstall it .

Try with

sudo snap remove whatspp-for-linux

thanks but i've already tried this command and it shows that it is uninstalled but it is still visible in all application menu.

That's a different problem.
Are you using KDE?


yes i'm using a KDE

Is this similar to your problem?

Basically the issue is that he wants to remove app icons references in Plasma/KDE Launcher.
I assume your problem is that the whatspp package is removed from your system but the corresponding icon in KDE Launcher is still there showing.


Try to check if you can find a .desktop file for that app and delete it:


A simple reboot might be all that is needed.


That's plasma search's bug that it doesn't remove old entries from it's database. try to launch the application and see if it works. I still have decade old files that are no longer on my ssd still being listed by the plasma search.

Btw, whatsapp-for-linux exists in chaotic aur and can be easily downloaded with

sudo pacman -S whatsapp-for-linux

I use the package myself and have faced a couple of issue with it which resolved itself when I deleted it's config files.

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