Calling All GNOME Edition Users - Share Your Input!

Hey all! As you may have seen, I've come on to help maintain the GNOME edition of Garuda. To direct me going forward, I'd like to get a little feedback from our users here! I'll be asking some specific questions, but other feedback, input, or ideas is also welcome!

I do have some plans of my own, but those are limited to my own use-case right now. With the tumult of GNOME 42's release, I'm hoping to give the edition a bit of a refresh, and would love to work with everyone here.

Questions for GNOME Edition Users

  • Do you have any gripes/issues with the current edition?
  • What would you like to see implemented out of the box in the future?
  • Are there any more minor quality-of-life changes you think would smooth the experience?
  • For those that have dealt with GNOME-specific issues related to proprietary graphics drivers, what have you learned, and what would improve things for you?
  • In terms of the wiki page or other documentation, is there anything you wish had been easily accessible, or anything you think new users would need to know?
  • If I have any theme/extension/GTK developers here, what are your feelings/feedback on GNOME 42 in general?

Current Limits of GNOME

Answers to those questions and anything else you might think of is much appreciated. I'm happy to consider anything put forth, but I must note that there are some restrictions on what can/will be included. These are mostly imposed by the fact that I will be doing my best to make sure the GNOME edition won't break every time someone breathes on the GNOME main.

  • I will not be packaging extensions out of the box. If you've survived multiple major version upgrades with GNOME, you'll know why - every six months, the project throws a new wrench at the work of extension developers. Many release extremely swift updates, but some lag behind or are entirely abandoned each time.
  • Some level of theming may be on the horizon, however: 1) They do pose many of the same issues as extensions, and 2) Even if they are considered, they will probably need to wait until the dust settles a little more around the LibAdwaita changes.
  • Changes made need to be possible within the scope of garuda-gnome-settings. I'm happy to make more significant changes to this package or get a bit fancier with it as time goes on, but it will all need to occur centralized here for GNOME.

Future Plans

  • Offer GNOME Wayland out of the box. Xorg may remain the default, however.
  • Provide slightly more visual consistency. Namely, allow Qt apps to use GNOME's native titlebars.
  • Consider implementing some optional tweaks. This would likely be very basic, maybe in the form of an interactive script. Ideas welcome.
  • Other minor tweaks/fixes/etc. (@librewish fixed the logo thing for y'all last night!)

Closing Notes

I'll be very interactive here, and (civil) discussion of things put forth is cool as well! I'm hoping to create a good reference for myself with this thread, and contribution to that is contribution to the GNOME edition. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond, I look forward to growing with you all. :peace:


Wise decision. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: