Booting into the grub rescue after increasing the boot partition

Hey, team I am directly booted into grub rescue instead of booting in the grub menu and I have Garuda and Linux lite and it happened when I increased space in Garuda Linux's partition and it just let me to the grub rescue and an error unknown filesystem. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.

And please I have usb but not bootable so please try to give solution without use of bootable usb, I have iso file of Garuda as well but no bootable usb and another device to make bootable usb.

You could try using android phones etchdroid app to make a live bootable usb


Usually it should not, unless you move the partitions. Moving partitions change UUID so this problem occurs. What you can try is booting with live USB and proceed with Garuda Boot Repair.

Let's try those, thanks :blush:.

I thought it would change UUID in any partition editing (except labeling).
Is this by your experience (you changed partition size and UUID did not change), or do you have a link to this info?


Yes. Many times. I never had GRUB rescue problem till now, as far as I remember.

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!0 year old Ubuntu info involving an MBR? Nogo. I've had the same experience as @petsam, at least on modern hardware, GPT/EFI systems. Changes to partitions always change the UUID.

The solution is really easy, though--just change the fstab entry to match the new UUID. I dunno why everyone's so nackered on this.

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I confirmed the info with GParted manual.
Indeed it says the risk is on moving (the start of the partition).
So, we always learn gradpa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Things get better by time, not worse :wink:

But mine was GPT and that time I was using Mint (Ubuntu derivative).

always, no, not at least in my experience. I have done increasing swap partition, in Manjaro, without any UUID issue.

I increased 50gbs to 100gbs from free space and before this I added 5gbs to that partition but this time it happened.

You may try grub command line features.

In grub rescue, use ls command to find how partitions are named.
Choose the one you believe it's Garuda btrfs partition and try these (replace your partition in the example)

insmod part_gpt
insmod btrfs
insmod ext2
set root='hd0,gpt4'
configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Example taken from Archwiki.
Search web for more info.


There's a problem when typed "insmod ext2" it says error unknown filesystem.

And configfile isn't a command it says.

It seems grub-rescue is very limited, or IDK more. Grub Manual says you should be able to use these commands. Maybe you are misunderstanding the real situation... :man_shrugging:
If you have another Linux with grub installed on your system, or with a Linux ISO using grub, you can only rescue through grub command line.

I can't think of another option... :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your support, I heartily appreciate your and others contribution and once again thanks and I think I will manage to get an OTG and boot through usb would be better. Sorry for your precious time, thanks a lot :heart::+1:.

Yes, we do. And thanks for the clarification. :smiley:


Hey, I booted using live usb now what is next to do I went to boot repair what is next to do? I want some help as I am unaware and in kde partition manager it says Garuda partition is unknown.

And yes I found that there's a partition table mistake as well because my harddisk is 1tb and it shows an empty partition with 1.9 tb and other partitions.

That sounds really bad. How did you perform these changes? What tool and what procedure?

Check and post

sudo fdisk -l
sudo parted -l

If you cannot see your data, or need to restore your partitions, you may try testdisk.
But 1st check your status... :grimacing: