Blurry font and icons in garuda kde

Dear team,
I newly install the garuda Linux KDE version and I really like it but the issue is the font looks blurry and the icon also. I don't know why is show blurry, please help me with that.

As always, we need more details, KDE work fine here.

inxi -Fxxxza

as text no pictures, please.

In Garuda welcome in "Settings" tick or untick Enable HiDPI, maybe it solve you problem.

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Turn on compositor from settings.
It is most common error.


It would also be good to know which system font you are using and if you have anti-aliasing enabled in the system settings. Also set font hinting to slight.

This stuff may take a little bit to find in the KDE System Settings utility if you're not used to it. However, if you want to use KDE you'll need to learn your way around its configuration utility.

Also are all letters everywhere blurry, or is it just in say your web browser. You can change Firefox's default font in it's settings (as well as enlarging pictures and fonts).

Are all icons blurry, or only your start menu icon?