Blur Effects get messed up while running games..!

So as said above, i am just creating new topic just regarding

2. BLUR EFFECTs mess-up with GAMES

so, when i open any game, some have full-screen option and some doesn't... Hence when it's not fullscreen latte-dock and others are visible that blur changes to solid colour as in above images. Or else even if its in fullscreen though it will be same, but just not visible everytime, because if i open teriminal while running any game, terminal will also be in solid colour instead of blur

screenshots- while running game and then after terminated to the right...

So, that's it i know about the issue, I would be happy to receive any suggestion/solutions regarding this, thank you :).

Thats actually a feature of Kwin, allowing applications to suspend the compositor for moar FPS :thinking:
Turn it off in the Kwin settings


actually its specified as "force-enable blur effect for certain windows"
anyways it was on, so i turned it off n tried games again before n after reboot,.... but unfortunately not yet fixed :frowning:

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Have I mentioned that I love flameshot :smiley:


Didnt know that such things were possible, damn :smiley:


thanks for this, but actually i am currently not even able to test it due to BLUR effect got messed up and turned in different solid colours! - #13 by alexpina :frowning: