Bluetooth will not "Enable" / Scanning does nothing

So my specific issue seems to exactly mirror this post, Bluetooth is not being enabled. I have the exact same output as that user, my systemctl bluetooth shows the same active running status and my system settings for bluetooth shows "Disabled" with the button to enable it which when clicked does nothing. I have already verified that rfkill does not show bluetooth as being blocked. And purportedly assuming the hardware is working fine, the issue would be the devices must not be already paired with another device. In my case, I can affirm that the devices I want to connect are not paired with anything at the moment. The only difference I have with the post above is I do not have a dual boot with windows. However, I do run Windows in a VM.

I have had success running bluetooth in the past and I really believe the issue lies with my inability to "Enable" it from the system settings. Whatever controls that is likely the issue. If any specific output is desired, please let me know what to provide.

Start with garuda-inxi, like the template ask for.


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