Bluetooth speakers now sound spectacular

I think I am not imagining it. Since today's update, my bluetooth speakers sound better than ever. Thanks, mates. Cheers.


did you just update your drivers or just a sudo update?
cuz my blutooth drivers have a significant shorter range than windows. i dont understand why

Most probably because of wireplumber. See

Open a new thread with inxi -Faz.


Ya well it is bluetooth after all, so I wouldn't get too used to it being awesome. The next bluetooth breaking update should be coming around the next corner any time now. :rofl:


Hurray for Wireplumber, then. I am so enjoying the improvement.

I have two Energy System FS2 speakers connected to one another and to the computer, so I can have a real stereo experience (they have this capability). Until now, the sound was so so and one of them, the secondary, kept losing volume from time to time, but now the sound is fantastic and they seem really stable.

Well, I'll enjoy it while it lasts :upside_down_face:


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