Bluetooth Headset Microphone not work

I am using Garuda Gnome Edition, I'm facing a crucial problem that my bluetooth headset microphone not work only I can here, other If I use normal wired headset then everything is fine

A forum search reveals...

Many threads on this type pf problem, take a trip through them.

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Nice pic...did you read the thread I gave you? Did you attempt what @jonathon suggested, in the thread I linked?

Any results/thoughts?

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Just read but did not get any suitable remark out there

Which tells you

This is a current issue with Pipewire's Bluetooth handling

This is not a suitable remark?

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okay fine, have you got your issue fixed?

I don't have an issue. You do. I am trying to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I posted a thread with what appears to be, the same issue you face.


then after running that command in my console,whats next?

If you follow the thread, @jonathon gives the command and an answer, as to what it does.

I would then check my audio, but I would keep in mind bluetooth can be problematic, so would not expect a magic bullet.

The thread(s) show this admirably. (you have searched the forum, as suggested?)