Bluetooth adapter shows missing

My device's BT adapter is showing missing. Any help?

and post

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.

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See the advice in your own post, and get back with inxi -Fza output


I had that happen recently and Windows was the culprit. I restored Bluetooth capability by changing a setting in the BIOS that had to deal with hardware detection at boot.

I had previously set it to "Auto" or something like that, but changing it to "Thorough" restored it in Windows and Linux hardware detection modules.

Some days I curse Dell. :wink:


Dual boot?
Has just been closed.

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But the curse continues. :wink:

Perhaps you have not installed required firmware for the BT adapter, or several other things could be the cause.

We need your inxi output to give any informed opinion.

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Because they don't know what they're doing. :grin:

Well that, and the fact Windows just loves to mess with Linux to get their jollies.


The truth is Microsoft is not interested in other operating systems only total domination, the code is shoddy and windows does not close down clean. Linux users just have to deal with it as and when it happens.


Windows' goal is to sabotage. Sabotage itself, sabotage EFI, sabotage the hardware, and best of all, sabotage the world.


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