Bismuth settings fail

Older post, but just wanted to note here for those using 'Krohnkite' with KDE, the consensus is that it is not being maintained. There is a fork you might want to use instead; Bismuth.


Guess what was in repo already :eyes:


And that is why we love Garuda. :heart_eyes:


have you guys managed to get the config dialog?

to me is just says something like "plugin does not provide configuration file in expected location"
(actually its not like that, is exactly that)

How did you install Bismuth, via Kwin download or via Chaotic-AUR repo?

on garuda via chaotic, on gentoo manually.

both result in the same. i feel its a bug upstream!

And to be clear, when you say config dialog, are you talking about clicking on System Settings > Window Management > Kwin Scripts > Bismuth > Configure?

If so, those config options come up for me.

Probably you have been using bismuth for a long time, right ?

( I feel the tyranical mods will move this conversation to a sub topic about bismuth )
( just kidding tyranical mods, I love you all )

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No, I was using krohnkite for awhile, then disabled it and removed it. I ran across Bismuth today in a mention about krohnkite, decided to use it, works better I think.

Not sure why those configure settings are not popping up for you.

the only thing I am seeing is maybe due to me running kde git master.
I just noticed that krohnkite doesn't also show ( and it used to, when I tested it 3 centuries ago ).

Couldn't get it to work either. Maybe filing an issue would be a good thing? :eyes:

you also on kde git master ?

Yup, since I decided I don't care about the window button applet anymore for testing purposes a few weeks ago :joy:
(Kwin still needs rebuild I think.. :sweat_smile:)

As a sidenote - vanilla KDE -git stuff as edition: yay or nay? :laughing:

doesn't need to be vanilla... I think the only thing not really working is really the windows buttons ( but psixxxxx will probably update it as soon as 5.23 is released ).

Its a completly YAY ( or paru in the case of garuda ) for me. I have been using kde git for almost 3 years straight ( they always have exciting stuff on master as soon as some version is released ).

but I would caution that you would need to do kde git differently.
Not just the kwin-git stuff, but the whole kde-frameworks, then build plasma then build kde gear. ( a change in frameworks -> everything gets rebuilt ).

ccache can do wonders helping on this though...

EDIT: plus they improved their CI toolage on So master should be always compiling. AND as all programmers know ... if it compiles, its working without bugs ! :slight_smile:

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Dafuq. The AUR PKGBUILDs are partly hella broken. We do have the maintainer of most on Chaotic-AUR though, which is great :grin:
Some CI is a great step forwards. Although not being really experienced with it, I completely love the concept of DevOps in general - aiming to be DevOps engineer myself in far future :slight_smile:

Interesting, if you are talking about who I think you are ( the info on the chaotic-aur landing page ) , he is from the same country as me :slight_smile:

Change the topic name when wrong :smiley:

Why is it a fail (regarding the title?)

If you are using the normal KDE (that installs from Garuda's KDE Gaming Version, Bismuth works perfectly. It sounds like @alexjp and @dr460nf1r3 are using another KDE version or install?

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I just move the posts and

It's the exact same installation but sudo pacman -Syu kde-git for me, which installs the master branch versions of most KDE stuff :eyes: