Awesome, over 6000 users on the forum

Only been using Garuda for a week on this laptop. . but I'm totally satisfied.
I tried it previously approx a year ago (wild guess) on my desktop...for some reason I replaced it with Arcolinux. Apart from Garuda doing a better job of detecting my Samsung connected by USB I've chosen to give Gnome a chance and am sticking with it..
..switched from Gnome to XFCE approx 6 years ago.. for a very good reason that eventually wore off.
I've never become fluent in KDEian.


Well done guys. Best OS period. ::


From Announcement:

Since the announcement of garuda-update, it has been used to workaround a lot of issues that arose from the unstable nature of the rolling release model Arch employs, like a GRUB update causing the device to boot to BIOS.

This is so awesomely great.

Manjaro was like this but they stupidly crippled Mesa for me (Radeon user)