Automatically booting to windows; Can't boot into garuda

Hi I installed garuda dragonized gaming on an empty drive, shrunk the partition to make space for windows, made and installed window on another partition but can't boot into garuda after windows was installed. It automatically boots windows 10 and i didn't see any grub installation errors during installation. I'm fairly new to linux so i couldn't unserstand the chroot thing in How to chroot Garuda Linux
Can anyone guide this turbonoob?

You shouldn't install Windows AFTER Linux. Windows doesn't like other peeps. It'll wipe everyone else out and hog all the Disk. :money_mouth_face:

From the Archwiki.


The recommended way to setup a Linux/Windows dual booting system is to first install Windows, only using part of the disk for its partitions. When you have finished the Windows setup, boot into the Linux install environment where you can create and resize partitions for Linux while leaving the existing Windows partitions untouched. The Windows installation will create the EFI system partition which can be used by your Linux boot loader.

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Work your way through this "arch linux" article:


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