Australian noob says hi o_o;;

Hello world! :wave:
This is my first ever Arch distro (I've only used a bit of Linux Mint before lol, so still very fresh to the Linux world) and so far, I've really been enjoying it and learning heaps... especially about printers. HAHA

I've wanted to use Linux as a daily driver for a really long time, and since my laptop isn't eligible to upgrade to Win 11 and Win 10 will stop being supported in 3 years, I decided to take the leap a few days ago and replace my Win 10 install of 4 years. Call me crazy, but only having Linux on a backup laptop and in a VM hasn't led to me learning enough imo!

The tables are now turning... Win 11 is now in the VM. :slight_smile:
I'm aware that I've taken a really tough path to learning Linux with this being an Arch-based distro and all (I think troubleshooting on Garuda has been so much easier than LM though), but I'm committed, even if it means I will be slamming my head against the wall in a few months time. Lol

I will be mostly lurking and reading posts here since the Arch documentation is incredibly extensive, and most previous issues I've had were solved on this forum and in Google land. Thank you for making this forum quite a noob-friendly place, and sorry in advance if I ask any dumb questions ^^;

Nice to meet you all!


Wishes have fun and



Thank you! ^^ I've already had a lot of fun learning hahaha, looking forward to the rest of the ride!


Greets from Southern USA.

:peace_symbol: and excellent decision. Linux never fails me... Since 1997 or so I took the leap before vm's and never looked back.

Research is your best friend. All documents should already exist. Dive in.

The archwiki is flipping fantastic.
Arch wiki is so awesome that folks from ALL distros frequent the awesomeness.

ddg when all else FAILS. :wink:



If you are fortunate enough that Linux meets all your needs, there is no going back. I deleted the Windoze VM long ago when I decided I didn't use it enough (and the telemetry was definitely a massive motivator).

Enjoy Garuda, it is a well thought through Arch distribution with loads of choice on window managers and a great community.


Linux never fails me... Since 1997 or so I took the leap before vm's and never looked back.

Woah, you're insane! I could never imagine doing such a bold move like that back in those days :open_mouth: awesome that it worked so well for you though!
Agreed that the Arch Wiki is epic. It makes troubleshooting such a breeze compared to when I was trying to investigate problems on Linux Mint, where everything was so scattered and a solution to someone else's problem didn't necessarily work for me :')

If you are fortunate enough that Linux meets all your needs, there is no going back. I deleted the Windoze VM long ago when I decided I didn't use it enough (and the telemetry was definitely a massive motivator).

Unfortunately, I have to use Zoom a lot and I don't want that thing running on my bare metal lol. Aside from Zoom, I don't actually need the VM ^^;
Hopefully one day when people learn to use Jitsi Meet instead, I can just use the VM for putting viruses on it or testing out new features in the newest and hottest Windows... lol


Why don’t you want to install zoom in your Garuda installation?
You can either install it from the through Pacman or even flatpak


They're too lax with their security, and there was even a class-action against them due to security and privacy concerns:

At one point, they even had a vulnerability that gave them full system control. Not fantastic :grimacing:
Their attitude towards better security and user privacy seems quite poor, so I'd rather not run the risk


Hmmm... I'd need to investigate this lack of security on Linux to believe it. :eyes:

Full control seem... Problematic.

Is zoom putting out the nix version or freedom coders?

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Welcome again and do some more research for a zoom replacement?

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I'm in a similar position. Jitsi-meet is an open-source alternative to Zoom, but workplaces don't tend to be receptive to non-proprietary software. The looks I get from the drones in the IT department when I explain to them I use Linux as my daily OS! So, Zoom it is. And using it in a VM is an idea I am going to look into, given Zoom's appalling security/privacy track record.


I'm not entirely sure whether the vulnerability extends to Linux, but given it was definitely an issue for Windows users and their poor attitude in addressing that, I wouldn't be surprised if there's dodgy things in the Linux versions too.

I've love to use Jitsi Meet instead as mentioned before, but everyone and their dog uses Zoom. Can't avoid it ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ so the next best thing is to chuck it into a VM where it can wreak havoc in there instead :slight_smile:


wow, I thought IT dudes would be excited to hear someone daily drives a Linux! :open_mouth:
Thankfully Zoom works well in a VM. Haven't run into any issues so far with it :slight_smile: a bonus is that you can use the VM strictly for work, so they don't see personal things if you share the whole screen hehe


Perfect as it gets. Peace :v::dove:


G'day! True Blue!


A little update since I've been using Garuda for quite a while now:
This distro is definitely a keeper! :smiley: Goodbye Windows. Looks like I'll be active here for at least the next few years. I'll try not to be a nuisance LOL

I'm using the Dragonised edition and the aesthetics are amazing - I remember reading that some hate the neon look, but I absolutely dig it! This is really well-put together, and a lot of small things have made it so much easier (like update, cleanup, the inclusion of AUR helpers, Garuda Assistant, etc).
If it weren't for my stinky 4K 15" screen I would be using LXQt-Kwin instead of Dragonised, but I've made some adjustments to the top panel to make it more comfy for me to use. :slight_smile:

I ran into the black/frozen screen before login screen issue, and I managed to solve it following this thread on the Arch forums: [SOLVED] SDDM enabled but won't start at boot / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums .
The other suggestions I found on the forum didn't work, so I'm dropping that here in case anyone stumbles across it and hasn't searched the Arch forums yet.

I've yet to find anything that either doesn't have workarounds or hasn't previously been solved. ^^
Also, thank you all for the warm welcome! :heart:


Welcome friend! Wish you all the best.


It's so nice to see a new user demonstrate self reliance and perseverance by working through a complex problem without automatically calling on the forum for assistance. This is what separates the hard core Arch devotees from the rest of the casual users simply looking for another smart appliance. This is the key to mastering Linux, and nothing gives you more satisfaction than knowing you can best a tough problem all on your own. Keep up the good work, because I just love to see new users such as yourself registering on the Garuda forum. Cheers, and welcome to Garuda. :beers:

Many congrats on choosing an Arch based distro like Garuda as your daily driver. I think you will be very happy running Garuda, it's very hard to go back to a Debian based distro or Windows once you've gotten used to running Arch.

Hope to see you around for the long haul. :wave:


@mandog and I were discussing this the other day and bemoaning the dearth (and figurative death) of un-spoonfed new users. Then, 'lo and behold, appears @lum1nuss and makes liars of both us old gripers. It's just as @tbg says; "nice to see." :smiley:

He's not the only one, either. It's the new Garuda users and forum members that keep things fresh, not us stale old fuddy-duddys. And the more take-charge they are, the more it warms our old cockles (wtf they are). :wink:


Woah thank you both! This really means a lot. ^^ I was very surprised after not checking the forums for a few days since life got a bit busy, I ended up with an unexpected badge! o_o;;

Honestly, I just didn't want to take up people's time here when the Arch wiki and forums literally have so much on them haha, since everyone has their own life outside of the internet. I've also learnt so many other things from researching the problems on my own. That great feeling of solving a tough problem is the best too :smiley:

Turns out, the black screen issue is not completely solved, but it happens a lot less and I reckon that's good enough for me haha. I'm gonna keep chipping at it when I can - if I try like 10 more things and they all don't work, I'll make a thread in the forum :joy:

Thank you again! The Arch Wiki and repositories are a godsend when it comes to troubleshooting and learning new things, so I'm super happy with Garuda (not to mention the great aesthetics and work that's been done on it!)
Been learning so many new things since I started using it as my daily driver. My Windows knowledge of the past two decades looks like nothing in comparison lololol