Arch Linux is Hard? : A discussion on Difference

I have been reading a lot about Arch Linux, as a distribution, being more geared towards advanced Linux users versus the other options. As a new user myself, I have already tried a few, and continued to look for and test other distributions.

I wanted to try Garuda because the appearance was what first caught my attention. I went about the usual method of installation and found it to be extremely easy. This was interesting right away because like I mentioned, many previous discussions regarding an Arch distro install said it wasn't easy.

Next comes the DE, and it was just as pleasant to get around as any other "basic" Linux distro I've used before, except for what I see as many, many more options, and lack of bloat (which I understand comes standard).

So, as an Arch distro, I see the intention of Garuda as to provide an experience that is inviting to a new user while still maintaining the power for advanced users. Am I correct in thinking this is the case? I didn't expect this OS to be as pleasant as it is, and for that I am grateful.

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