Any plan to implement new waybar layouts? 🤔

Is there any plan to add more waybar layouts for the hyprland edition? Or any good tutorial to follow to change waybar layouts… :grin:

the maintainer @Ankur is very busy as far as i know, But the GarudaOS team never stops surprising us. If you want a tutorial, hmm, there is this one I hope it’s useful.


As already stated by @Straight I am not available for some personal things :slightly_smiling_face: ,
BTW, you should look at a big update that recently happened

you can add your own multiple waybar themes in it , in ~/.config/hypr/brain/config/waybar_themes/
and then you can jump in betweeen multiple waybar themes through the new ‘G-hyprland’ script (you just need to add folders , no need to change anything in script, it will handle it :wink: )


No, I have just finally decided to only edit essential things and fix bugs.

Hyprland is a nice window manager, in beta stage, easy to configure by experienced users, not used for productive things. :slight_smile:




What kind of look were you hoping for? One reason I like Garuda Hyprland is the waybar and overall styling are sharp, very functional.

It’s also been my main system daily driver for months. So it’s in ‘production’ in that regard. :wink: I happily nuked a Windows 11 machine. I started using hyprland, loved it. Found Garuda Hyprland and put it on my old main laptop. Found myself not using the new AMD laptop at all Happily formatted the Windoze OS disk in favor of Garuda Hyprland.

There are some other hyprland projects that you might want to look at to see how they did their waybars, and see if the configs and CSS files can be utilized here.

There are many very different styles out there right now for hyprland. Some very what I call “flashy”.

One that isn’t is: Stephan Raabe / ML4W dotfiles · GitLab
Stephan has a few themes. With waybar options on top and bottom of screen.

One called "default’ is super basic but it’s a good one to build on and make your own… You don’t have to ‘undo’ what someone else did first.

Like many others out there the color theme comes from the background.

WAY far on the other hand is JaKooLIT

Very flashy, rainbow color borders, lot’s of anime style queues etc.

He has quite a few waybar options. Including top and bottom of screen. He also has install scripts for debian/ubuntu/Fedora/Opensuse tumbleweed

Another variation is : hyprdots · GitHub Topics · GitHub
He hasn’t updated in awhile but what is there is good for review and inspiration.

Or if you want something very different, there’s gBar

Hope this helps!



Thank you for all your replies guys… I will check out…

Btw Happy New Year everyone… :heart::heart:

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best of luck!

ongoing process… need little more tweaking… thanks for everyone helping out.

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complete :grin: