Android emulator suggestions

android amuleter koi badhiyasa batao yaar

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Try android86 or anbox


bro dono use kiya genymosun bhi trai kiya nox or memu jesa wrk nahi he

If you legit want a decent experience with Android on a computer, I'd dual boot with Android86. Everything just doesn't really feel that great in my experience.

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Well, I agree that for best experience, run android specific os.

I personally like bliss os because it is better looking.

Moreover, android86 have android 9 support whereas bliss os have android 10 and 11 in beta testing.

But it is matter of choice, imo.


bro bliss os android 9 tak hi he 10 or 11 to fak he bliss os 12 jisme android 10 he wo loga se aage badh hi nahi raha he 4 bar trai kiiya install bhi nahi horaha or open bhi nai

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bro android86 acha he no daud par sirf dekhne ke liye or livewolpepar ke liye game 70 % run nahi ho rahi he install ho jati he

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bro android86 android 9 tak he fir bhi bahut kuch sapot nahi karta or nox android 7 pe kam karta he firbhi bahut kuch sapot karta he

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Mai toh Android sirf WhatsApp ke liye hi use kar raha hu. Baki sab ke liye Linux hi achcha hai :slight_smile:

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bro 5.10.11 aaj aaya kiya ??? isse chengis kiya aayega hum fill karpayene ? :star_struck:

how can i dual boot in garuda ?
I am trying to dual boot the phoenix os with garuda but i am failing at that , Still i was able to follow arch linux based instruction to follow steps and succeded in upto adding entry using 40_custom script and updated grub ,

#Phoenix OS grub settings
menuentry "Phoenix" {
insmod part_gpt
search --file --no-floppy --set=root /Phoenix/kernel
linux /Phoenix/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 androidboot.setlinux=permissive
initrd /Phoenix/initrd.img
#End of Phoenix Settings

But when rebooting i did get the menu entry in garuda grub , when i loaded it says you need to load kernel first or no device found

Please, open new topic and welcome to Garuda forum. :slight_smile: