Alacritty theme restoration fail

I am not sure how I lost the vanilla Alacritty theme, but I lost the lambda symbol, and most of the cool elements that come with the dragonized version of Alacritty.

After following the solution on restoring the alacritty theme I still don't have all of the features. Including the lambda symbol with new line, and the welcome text. Probably more. I am using the following alacritty.yml file: alacritty.yml — Яндекс.Диск. I also have a file with a single line, pyenv init - | source.

Current state:

Verbose output of alacritty:
Created log file at "/tmp/Alacritty-167885.log"
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.575901599] [INFO ] [alacritty] Welcome to Alacritty
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.575956152] [INFO ] [alacritty] Configuration files loaded from:
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.689851267] [INFO ] [alacritty] Device pixel ratio: 1.25
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.690910113] [INFO ] [alacritty] Initializing glyph cache...
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.727096256] [INFO ] [alacritty] ... finished initializing glyph cache in 0.036167828s
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.727181986] [INFO ] [alacritty] Cell size: 8 x 16
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.727193057] [INFO ] [alacritty] Padding: 0 x 4
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.727199960] [INFO ] [alacritty] Width: 800, Height: 600
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.730364534] [INFO ] [alacritty] PTY dimensions: Line(37) x Column(100)
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.738164430] [INFO ] [alacritty] Initialisation complete
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.834166023] [INFO ] [alacritty] Padding: 0 x 4
[2021-02-06 07:02:41.834202592] [INFO ] [alacritty] Width: 800, Height: 600

Thank you.

It was my file, it only has a single line. Fixed by copying from the Guest user.

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How did this happen? I mean you somehow miss the preinstalled fish config :eyes:

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Please, no picture from terminal output.
Read wiki "Reportingbugs"

There are some cases where an image can be useful, e.g. when trying to show visual/graphical issues (e.g. the format and colours of a terminal prompt). :wink:

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