Add/remove software not opening

I update all my distros on a 2 weekly basis. Including the arch based ones. I just updated all my arch ones about 4-5 days ago and so I'll address this in 9 days.

If need be I can rebuild necessary AUR packages (including pamac-aur, yay) in terminal. Except for garuda vm, I don't use the chaos repo.

Yes, pamac is useful for one off tasks, but since it's from manjaro one has to accept that its release timing is slightly behind arch. Same if you use manjaro stable and some AUR packages can't be updated because a dependency hasn't hit the stable repo yet. Pros and cons.

One just has to accept it and move on.


I've never actually used pamac GUI, so I'll be fine. I just like to keep up with issues like this


In an attended solution to the problem, I installed "Bauh":
is a package manager made by the Manjaro team, also includes Flatpak, Snap, AppIt, and Arch / Aur.
It is minimal but does its job very well.
For install In the thermal:
$ sudo pip3 install bauh
$ bauh
If you want to start the command to automatically start: bauh-tray
Sorry for my English...

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Incorrect. Upstream has nothing to do with Manjaro:

Just because Manjaro includes something, or claims something as a part of an edition (e.g. Cutefish), doesn't mean it's theirs.

However, to confirm, Bauh is a perfectly viable option.

But please don't do

It's in the AUR, so install it as your would any AUR package (e.g. use yay or paru or whatever).


for what it's worth, this issue got me more seasoned on how to use pacman commands / managing software without a GUI. im not sure if i even want it back anymore :dragon:


The only thing GUI package managers are better at is for browsing for software you're unfamiliar with.

Anything besides pacman for doing system updates is a step backwards in reliability. If you intend to use an Arch based distro as your daily driver you really should learn pacman usage.

Pacman is the gold standard for package managers in the Linux world. There really is no substitute.


me if I execute the command pacman -Syu chaotic-aur/pamac-aur-git the output is this: core is up to date extra is up to date community is up to date error: the following database was not found: chaotic-aur


now running the command I get this output: `warning: unable to fix "pacman <5.3", a dependency of "pamac-aur-git"
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to some unsolvable dependencies:

:: Do you want to ignore the following package for this update? [s / N]`
and I don't know what to do ( I'm new to the world of linux distros I'm a bit in trouble)

s = yes
try reading / lerning :slight_smile:

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so in the end I will have to wait for the problem to be solved because even if I type yes as I rerun the command I get the same message again thank you very much for the support

Or simply learn the marvel that is pacman.


Are we still waiting or is there a known fix?

As most others after an update via pacman in terminal i try to launch pamac-manager and get shared library no such file.

Just switched from Manjaro last night on my main box and cannot update. Mnajaro forums have same errors.

Thanks for a killer desktop!

So it's been a whole day and you can't there a rush? It's fixed by the pamac gods when its fixed.


You can follow along with the rest of us on the edge of our seat - this is what you're looking for:

and it will get updated here:

Edit: I just hit F5. . . still nothing. This is riveting.


hahahahahahahahahah hahaha


I'm sure if you were on manjaro Stable branch, there wouldn't be errors since it would still be at pacman 5. So you were on testing or Unstable, read about the issues and still switched to Arch expecting everything to be great with the current conflict between pacman 6 and pamac? Rather puzzled.

I use both Arch-repo distros and Manjaro, by the way.


pacman update is the cause but you can prevent this by avoiding updating it in preferences before you update your entire system as you're waiting for an easier fix...

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