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I'm new to the forum and really new to Linux. Does anyone out there have experience with a accessibility feature that would allow a user to zoom in on a screen (like how a Mac does it). I did some research and found compizconfig-settings-manager but I can't install it in Garuda. Any suggestions?

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First try searching in system settings.

Second tell us which edition are you using, because it is solely desktop environment thing.


Just start reading :slight_smile:

and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

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By default, you can use CTRL + Plussign to zoom in and CTRL + minussign too zoom out.

This is the same as option + command + equals sign in mac and option + command + minus sign in mac.


I habitually use CTRL + mouse wheel.

There is a setting in System Settings => Workspace Behavior => Effects.

You may also try a specific tool.

kmag 20.12.3-1 (kde-applications kde-accessibility)
    Screen Magnifier

Thanks folks! So far the CTRL+plussign does what I need. I'll keep experimenting with other options and learning more (with your help)!

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