A new found love

So I will start off by saying I am not an "expert", I would say I'm an above average user.

About 5 years ago I decided to completely ditch Windows, when 10 started to really piss me off. I had a Intel NUC at the time, and used Manjaro for the most part with a little bit of distro hopping here and there. This year and last I had used a iPad Pro only as it was crazy fast with rendering out video (still is). I also had a clunky linux PC in my shed for listing to music etc.

Recently I have been wanting a more desktop like enviroment and decided to ditch all things Apple and Windows. I sold my iPad and got an Asus Zenbook 14" with a Ryzen CPU. Upon purchace I emediatly nuked Windows and installed Manjaro, weird thing is the perfornace was a little lack luster. I tried various boot options in editing the boot files (other users suggested) but nothing seemed to work, not that it was terribly slow, I just expected it to be a little faster. I tried ubuntu and it was ok, just was grown to the Arch/Manjaro commands and enviroment.

Then I stubmbled upon what I now call my holy grail of Linux. Garuda. I had installed it just to see what it was like, not expecting much. Needless to say I have been using it for over 2 weeks now and havent even thought about hopping distros.

Everything just works! And Fast! I have had 1 or 2 Bluetooth issues but Ill take that over windows anyday of the week! The developers did an outstanding job!!!

I installed KDE, Dr460nized edition and couldnt be happier. All my video and photo editing needs just seem to work, where I had issues with Manjaro.

Overall I love it! My laptop feels like a powerhouse that I can do anything with. Cliche? Dont care.

Thank you to the Garuda Team!!!

BTW Do you guys take donations? If so where is a usable link?


Maybe next year :wink:


Glad to you see you are enjoying the distro :slight_smile:

Make sure to have pulseaudio-bluetooth instead of pulseaudio-modules-bt installed, as that was included in the last iso release. :blush: