A Gorgeous KDE Plasma setup

In this post, I would love to share how I have set up my gorgeous KDE plasma.

Actually, I had started with Garuda KDE Barebones, and I would recommend starting with uncustomized KDE, as it would be simple and hassle-free.

So, just as an overview of my work, I have used ideas and inspirations from the Linux community especially some videos from #linuxscoop and our own Garuda Dragonized edition and of course I have modified them with my own ideas.

So firstly you might want to install some dependencies for this entire project:

$ sudo pacman -S latte-dock-git curl jq kvantum-qt5 plasma5-applets-window-buttons-git lightly-qt qt5-websockets python-docopt python-numpy python-pyaudio python-cffi python-websockets kde-servicemenus-rootactions

  1. Setting up latte-dock

You can just download my custom made latte config from here:

and import the layout config:

You will have to install some plasmoids as dependencies for latte-dock for this:

  • Kpple Menu
  • Window Title
  • Event Calendar
  • Application Title
  • Latte Spacer
  • Latte Spacers
  • Latte Side Bar
  • Better inline Clock
  • BigSur-Inline Battery
  • Ditto menu
  • Netspeed Widget
  • Media Player Control PLUS
  • panon

For window buttons applet to work as expected: install Hide Titles kwin-script (details below in Settings section)

Add latte-dock to auto-start on login:

If my latte config does work, you can again go to the import option in latte-dock settings and this time select import from KDE online store:

And try tweaking it yourself

That's it for the latte-dock!

  1. Kvantum theme:
    Download this:



  1. Settings

In Setting---> Appearance,

Global theme: Breeze dark
Application style: Lightly
Plasma style: WhiteSur-Dark
Colours: Breeze-dark
Window Decorations: Lightly

Icons: Fluent dark, kora dark, beautyine, tela circle (my preferences)
Cursors: Vimix
Splash screen: Breeze

In Setting---> Workspace Behavior--->Desktop Effects,

tweek blur option
Enable wobbly windows
Enable Magic lamb
Enable slide
Enable fall apart

Settings--->Window Management--->Kwin scripts:

(Install both the plugins)

Settings--->Workspace Behavior--->Screen Locking--->Configure:
I have added short videos to play on screen when the screen is locked, for this, you will have to first install
Video LockScreen as shown in the above picture from Plasma desktop Settings, then

That's it for the Plasma Settings
Now, You too can check out the plethora of options and tweak them!

I couldn't explain everything in the settings, rest options you can check out in the attached video

  1. Panon

grab out panon from the widgets, and enter edit mode from the desktop:


That is it, rest you can check out this attached video for reference: shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exQh0_JKBJQ

I would be updating here in this post as I make changes

My main motive for creating this post, is so that several people would have a glimpse of the power of customisation of Linux and get inspired to customise their own desktops


There is one effect in KDE, that on login the screen comes closer to you and fits into the desktop, I think it was present in dragonized edition, I just wanted to add it into my KDE.

And one more thing, would it be objectionable if I share how I have set up my KDE Garuda as in my screenshots as #community:showcase ?

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How is it objectionable? You will just be helping the people who want to have a setup like yours.
Go ahead with it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will do it, thanks

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Its been 34m, where is it?


Beautiful setup! I have been using both mountain scenes and space scenes as wallpaper. Will def. take a look at your setup and most likely use some of your settings. I am always changing some aspect of my operating systems…again nice work!

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I see trolling for comments is still en vogue.


What does that mean?
And what does too many question marks on my comment suggest?



I have updated the Latte-dock and Settings sections!

Would be cool if you could give a couple pointers on how to make this more like dragonized KDE if that's what you've done at all? Like have you done anything with zram or ananicy or installed things like Garuda assistant or setup timeshift? I'd like your setup but with all the defaults of dragonized KDE. Would be good if possible

Actually, I am using Garuda barebones, which doesn't mean that you won't have ZRAM, BTRFS-timeshift snapshot, ananicy, but you will also have will have to install garuda assistant and other tools, which from the package-manager.
Garuda barebones means vanilla arch with Garuda concepts and installer and with unmodified KDE plasma.

How much are we realistically talking that needs installing then to make it a debloated Garuda? Just assistants and timeshift? Does it come with aliases like update? I'm intrigued to try it out but don't have loads of time to install and tweak every little thing haha

Either bootup Barebones or don't haha


You don't have to install timeshift, that would be preinstalled and preconfigured, just the Assistant.

No that would be there it is actually part of the Garuda's fish and zsh configs, which you would have to install and then transfer those configs from /etc/skel to /home/user.

Dragonized isn't actually bloated, by the way, it just has necessary stuff (but not unnecessary) pre-installed, and a beautifully preconfigured desktop just like mine!

If you wonder how a vanilla KDE plasma would look:

Garuda tweaks, like anancy and auto-cpufreq can also be installed directly from Garuda Assistant.


Updated the latte dock link

Updated latte-config link:

I changed,
Window Decorations: Inverse-dark
Application style: kvantum-dark

Added a new Window Manager Script: Sticky Window Snapping



Once Again I have updated my latte config this week: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iJ55VeH6KYbRGqPPZNRLko6figPiSni5/view?usp=sharing

  1. I removed the system monitor applet from the sidebar because I find KDE's System Monitor more elaborate and efficient and I never look at it in the sidebar
  2. I replaced Global menu from the top bar with Window AppMenu.
    So you will have to install plasma5-applets-window-appmenu as well


New latte config: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xcuq0XB_WKrgHVeFkW4ggEkWffjojtI/view?usp=sharing


Switched back to Global menu
Plasma style: Layan

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