2nd Screen doesn't have menu bar?

I installed Garuda Linux on my laptop and tried plugging in HDMI to check dual screen works. Then, the system automatically recognizes the 2nd screen and shows the options of how to treat the added area. That's good!

But soon I found that the external area doesn't have the menu bar, so I looked for the setting to show the bar on both of the screens. I found a setting "Primary" in display settings, but it's not what I expected.

And, to be worse, when a window is maximized on the 2nd screen, "close", "back to normal size" and "minimize" buttons disappear even on the primary screen.

Kate maximized on the 2nd screen without three color buttons at the upper left of the primary screen

Are there any ways to deal with this issue? Should I stop using dual monitor or keep paying attention not to expand windows on the sub display? I wanna expand desktop area and run apps on 2nd monitor with the same way as being on primary one.


Step :

  1. Right click on Dock/Panel in your main screen
  2. Choose add Dock/Panel and then duplicate dock
  3. Right click on your newly dock/panel that you duplicate to edit dock
  4. If your dock/panel is duplicated on the main screen, change the screen where is should be put on the edit dock in the screen section
  5. Play with the edit dock or add widget to your panel to your liking

Example of my main screen and my 2nd screen

I hope this would help you. Good luck :beers:


OMG I found the solution.

  1. Right click on the menu bar shown on the top of the primary screen.
  2. Click "Layouts" and "Edit Layouts..."
  3. You should see "Settings - Latte Dock"
  4. Hit "Docks, Panels..." button in the right side.
  5. There are two unnamed settings in the window. Duplicate them and set "Screen" cells with your 2nd screen. (to edit cells you have to double-click them)
  6. Click "Apply Now" button.

Then, the dock and the panel are copied to your 2nd screen. You can see the dock at the bottom as well as the panel at the top with three color buttons at the upper-left corner of the sub screen.

Now you can use your 2nd screen as an expanded area but the dock/panel settings are the same as primary.

Thanks! You gave me a great hint!


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