2 issues after fresh install , please help

Hi everyone , i just recently switched to garuda linux from windows 10. I love everything about it , fast , smooth and really good looking for a linux distro. Now i have 2 basic issues i need to fix

1/ wifi not available at all , i have to go to network assisstant restart wifi module and reboot to make it work , i have to do this with every boot

2/ with every linux distro i tested , i lose my HDMI audio , video works well , the resolution and scale are ok but without any audio , it shows as unplugged in pulse audio as if nothing is connected . With kde neon upgrading to kernel 5.8 fixed it but i lost again when i installed nvidia drivers
Zorin os was the only distro to not have those 2 problems but ditched it after a laggy experience

I really want to stay on garuda , i love everything about it. I just need to fix those 2 and i am golden.

Any help is appreciated
Thank you

My laptop is a razer blade 15 2018
With gtx 1060 , rest of the spec and unrelated to the problems

Running the latest garuda and performed an update through the assisstant completely

PLease, only one Problem per topic.

Did you search for pipewire - pulseaudio support?


please and post

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.

There are 13 DE from Garuda Linux, post full ISO name. Maybe KDE?





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