Zsh: no matches found

My git is not functioning properly
git cherry-pick 3d818dc9026e585d7a710cde504acbbad9c28d9c^..efa50e50ddcc47ce3a11b61b5eb762978f2f5630
zsh: no matches found: 3d818dc9026e585d7a710cde504acbbad9c28d9c^..efa50e50ddcc47ce3a11b61b5eb762978f2f5630

It has special characters. Use quotation.

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Hi, please try switching to bash,

chsh /bin/bash
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If you wish to use zsh, add this to your zshrc.

# URL autoquote
autoload -Uz bracketed-paste-magic
zle -N bracketed-paste bracketed-paste-magic

autoload -Uz url-quote-magic
zle -N self-insert url-quote-magic

Are you sure this commit range is supposed to have a caret it in?

It was solved by git='noglob git'

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