Zoom doesn't work with Wayland on garuda

How do I convert Garuda Linux to Arch. I need to convert Garuda to Arch Linux so i can use wayland screensharing on zoom. Thanks in advance.

Remove the chaotic-aur repo, then remove all foreign packages.

Next fix everything that is broken.

In all seriousness, Garuda is not going to be all that easy to convert to vanilla arch. It is definitely doable but there may not be a safe "push-button" approach.

Uhh...can you explain? Unless Zoom is specifically checking for a whitelisted distro by name I am not sure why it would matter.


I already tried. Imgur: The magic of the Internet This is what i got in zoom.

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From screenshot

Use x11 instead

And btw, you should have copied the text from that screenshot and paste here, instead of external link.

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I need to use wayland for some multitouch gestures in some apps. Also i have an irregular monitor setup with two different refresh rates and they don't sync up when using x11. Is it possible to run zoom through xwayland? Or spoof the os to arch?

I don't think either Arch or Garuda would support this situation but if you want to try you could do this after ensuring your system is fully updated:

sudo touch /etc/pacman.d/hooks/garuda-hooks-runner.hook
sudo touch /etc/pacman.d/hooks/lsb-release.hook
sudo touch /etc/pacman.d/hooks/os-release.hook
sudo pacman -S filesystem lsb-release

This will leave you with a weird hybrid system though. You would definitely be on your own. I wouldn't guarantee this wouldn't break something else either. Lastly, I would warn you that I haven't tested those steps.

In summary, if you don't have the skills and experience to troubleshoot a broken or partially broken system, I don't recommend you try this. It is probably better to just install a distro that is officially supported or work with Zoom to get Garuda added to their whitelist.


"Spoofing" the distro name still might not allow Zoom to work.

It's pretty poor form by Zoom to just hard-code a list of "unsupported" distros, just because they haven't heard of them. And even then, Antergos has been dead for a while...


What is Zoom checking for in this case?

I found a couple of posts claiming they were reading /etc/os-release


Could be...

@vkvishnu , what happens if you run

env DISTRIB_ID=Arch ID=arch zoom

in a terminal?

There are some other elements in /etc/os-release that are worth trying to override too...

Also, could be worth trying to just edit that file. :thinking:

/etc/os-release as it exists on Arch:

NAME="Arch Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Arch Linux"

You can, but it will get overwritten again on certain package updates if you don't inhibit the hooks.

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Right, but at least we'd know for certain that was what Zoom was looking at.

Then, we can try to find a way to override it without editing the file... :grin:


Just quit beating around the bush--install Arch and be done with it. :frowning:


I run Antix on another system and its a pain to maintain, Garuda Barebones KDE has been awesome and I do not want to reinstall and configure my system just like Garuda does.

Thanks for the tip but that didn't work. :neutral_face:

What's weird is when I was using Pop!_OS it worked perfectly, even though it is not a "supported" distro.

I changed it and uninstalled all garuda packages like an article was saying but it ended up borking my system. Good thing that btrfs snapshots exist!

They probably don't override their parent distro's identifiers (or something similar).

Don't rely on "articles", they are mainly completely wrong. Listen to the regulars on this forum. :wink:

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No application would ever check just for os name (in Linux world) name unless it's the silliest. In addition to that, zoom is installed in /opt iirc so has nothing to do with anything outside its own dirs.

What I can suggest is giving a try to zoom-system-qt and check comment-794836 to make it run. I haven't tried it yet but hope it works.


I mean... it's Zoom, so... :rofl:


WTF said anything about 'Antix' whatever that is. I said Arch as in Arch Linux. They even have their own ncurses (text) installer again, and it is not difficult to follow and successfully install Arch. Yourself.

And let's face it: What you want to do is dishonest and immoral.

Once a liar, always a liar. That goes for imposters and poseurs.

This topic and these posts have no value, other than helping someone pursue these things and it should be closed*. In my humble opinion.

To be fair, it is pretty messed up what Zoom is doing here. Using the os-release strings to stop their application from running.

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Agreed. So what? Poster (and Garuda?) should take that up with Zoom.

This crap is no way to start the day.

This whole topic is an exercise in situational ethics. :frowning:

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Delete garuda, download arch iso, use the guided installer -_-.

Zoom is fine for me i am using it daily.