Zoom + Discord Audio Bug That I Solved

Hi everyone! I am a total noob but today I fixed an issue that I was having with the Discord and Zoom programs.

I thought I would share this since I saw a lot of troubleshooting for what I thought was the same issue, which turned out to be something else.

So the issues I was having:

Discord - "RTC Connecting": I was not able to finish connecting to any server. It would just give me this error each time. I thought that it was an issue with my firewall, but it was actually with the audio settings that I was using.

Zoom - I kept crashing each time I joined a new call. It also would crash when I clicked on the Audio settings. This was what gave it away for me.

I use a Logitech c920 (has a mic in it) and a Blue Snowball (Mono input usb mic). Then I use a FiiO DAC/AMP for my headphones.

  • I was too dumb to know how to setup the following screen, and basically, I had chosen some settings that were not entirely correct.

Here is what I have it set to now that I know that my mic is a mono input and that my DAC is set to analog. I messed up setting the mic to Pro Audio (it worked on browser-based calling lol).

So. Anyways, now that these setttings are correct. Both Discord and Zoom work again :smiley:

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