Zoner says 'Hello' to all of you

Tomorrow, about 3am local time, I will download the latest KDE Ultimate. Some of you are familiar to me from the old M... and give all of them a big HELLO. I will be doing some database stuff, lots of R, a lot of coding using Qt Creator. I am pretty positive about the install having lurked on this forum off and on since about August 15.

I will use Pamac and Discover a lot. I applaud everyone for the tone of all replies. I have never used BTFS and tonight I will spend time reading up on it.

I really like what I see. Oh, I have a Dell Optiflex with a 2T hard drive and 16G of ram. I am not much a systems person and rely on others to build a stable OS. The modern description for what I do is a 'Data Scientist'.



Hi Gary. Nice to see you here. Hopefully your install will go smoothly and you'll be a satisfied Garuda user before too long.


Hi zoner, Welcome to Community. Love to USA from India.


Thank you. My first professional article was on some parts of the Kannada language, many years ago. At the University of California at Davis, I worked for a month with two speakers of Kannada. UCD was a part of the first round of training for young Americans who were going to spend two years in India. I have a great love and respect for the people of India. If I get through this virus thing, I will be moving to India.


Wel-come to India in advance then!!!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Man, I love me some linear regression! I'm no scientist, but I used to do what you do, only with
80,000 real estate parcels as Deputy Assessor. I've never had so much fun in my life, folding, spinning, and manipulating data!

The only drawback was having to do so with a live database. When I pushed the Go button, all 80,000 property's assessment where impacted. Made me a Nervous Nelly! As the saying goes, you "can't unscrew the pooch." :slight_smile:



Dang!! I am so glad to see you on here. I could not take M any more. And EOS is just a bunch of cli boys.